What the other side tells us
A constant source of information about what those who support abortion think about things is the fund raiser mailings that NARAL sends out.

Out of the several points they list in their latest letter about the successes of the pro-life movement in the past few years, this one needs attention:

- George W. Bush has appointed two new anti-choice Justices
to the Supreme Court which will soon issue a decision on the constitutionality of the Federal Abortion Ban, which could outlaw abortion as early as the 12th week of pregnancy and has no exceptions to protect a women's health.

This is true but misleading as there is no such thing as a "Federal Abortion Ban."

There is however the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 which President Bush signed into law in November of 2003 and we are now awaiting the decision of the US Supreme Court on whether or not it is constitutional. I am pretty certain this is the "Federal Abortion Ban" they are referring to.

It also seems that the only people who are calling it the "Federal Abortion Ban" are those groups who support abortion. The web site www.federalabortionban.org is supported by a plethora of pro-abortion groups.

NARAL is correct in saying that there is no exception for the health of the mother because there is plenty of evidence that tells us that partial-birth abortion is never medically necessary. In particular, read these lines from the text of the Congressional bill itself:

"..the great weight of evidence presented at the Stenberg trial and other trials challenging partial-birth abortion bans, as well as at extensive Congressional hearings, demonstrates that a partial-birth abortion is never necessary to preserve the health of a woman, poses significant health risks to a woman upon whom the procedure is performed, and is outside of the standard of medical care."
It is not an easy thing to be honest about what is happening, especially when the side you are on is crumbling and you find it easier to mislead your own supporters into scaring them so they give you money.

But why would you not be honest with your own people, some of who probably depend on you to give you accurate information, about the actual name of the bill and the lack of the necessity of the procedure in the first place?

Because it does not help their cause when they do so. When people find out what partial-birth abortion is, they are horrified and they start to make the journey to becoming pro-life.

If we cannot depend on them to be truthful in telling us the name of the bill then how can we trust them to be truthful in telling women the risks of abortion?

As we await the decision of the US Supreme Court, let us not be afraid to show the truth about what partial-birth abortion is and what it does to babies in the womb.



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