Pro-Life Day at the Capitol
Yesterday, we spent the day lobbying our elected officials in Austin on a number of bills that the Texas Catholic Conference, and all of the Respect Life Directors around the state of Texas, consider important for this legislative session.

A group from the Catholic Pro-Life Committee and about 30 junior and senior high school girls from the Highlands School in Irving journeyed down to Austin to take part. The Texas Legislature meets every other year on the odd numbered years and the session is only 140 days long and there are lots of bills to try and pass in a short time.

The Texas Catholic Conference has designated their priorities for the session (also check out their newly re-designed web site) and asked us to lobby on a few of them in particular. Check out the Civic Action section on our web site for more details about them.

Below I post a few of the many pictures that were taken yesterday. More will be coming on our web site here.

Catholic Pro-Life Committee Executive Director Karen Garnett talks with a staff member of Senator Florence Shapiro about supporting pro-life legislation.

Madeline Johnson and Danielle Mauldin from the Highlands School in Irving talk to Tre Black, Legislative Aide to Senator Royce West.

Jonathan Saenz from the Free Market Foundation and Joe Kral from the Texas Catholic Conference have provided invaluable service to the pro-life movement in Texas. Both are also recipients of the Civic Action Award given by the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, Mr. Kral in 2006 and Mr. Saenz in 2007.

The entire Texas delegation before heading inside to lobby. More than 100 people attended this day and each Representative and Senator received a visit from one of us.


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