Kill 'em. No, let 'em live. No, kill 'em...
Approve taking people off life support against their family's will..

Against the death penalty....

Support partial-birth abortion...

Are these three postitions consistent? If you answer anything other than "no" then please read through these editorials from the Dallas Morning News and point out the consistency in logic or anything else if you can find it.

Decisions about how or even if we should respect the dignity of all human life is not something that should be left up to people who are so strongly disconnected from reality.

"in only 27 cases did care stop" - Of course they neglect to say that this care was stopped against the family's will. Yes that should make us feel better.

"this partial-birth procedure makes up only a tiny portion of total abortions" - Great.. So only a few thousand times a year children in this country are subjected to this.

For a reliable analysis of the recent Supreme Court decision about partial-birth abortion, go here and here.

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