Have Mercy on me, a Sinner
An interesting article written by Bishop Grahmann as he prepares to retire from his many years of service. Here is the key line:
" . . . as I examine my life’s service, I ask pardon of God for all of my failings when I didn’t measure up to his holy will. Thirdly, I ask forgiveness of all those whom I have offended, in any way, through my words, actions, or omissions. The “old self” of St. Paul’s letters often stood in the way. I, too, forgive all of those who have offended me. The late John Paul II said to build the civilization of love, reconciliation lies at the heart of it: seeking forgiveness of others, and forgiving others for their offences. I stand before God and pray: “Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner.”
It would be interesting to find out how many commentators are willing to read that, much less give it any consideration knowing how Bishop Grahmann has been treated in the past.

Meanwhile, the numbers of babies saved from abortion in the Diocese passes 2,000, none of whom would ever have had a chance had it not been for Bishop Grahmann.

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