What We Want in a President
The work of the pro-life movement is multi-faceted. It involves millions of people, working together on a daily basis in many areas to effect the culture of life.

If anyone tells you that pro-life work simply consists of overturning Roe V. Wade, then that person would be wrong. There is much more to do. If anyone tells you that the only thing a candidate for elected office has to do to earn a pro-life vote is vow to appoint strict constructionist judges, then that person would be wrong as well. There is more to it than that.

It's safe to say that pro-lifers will not be happy with a man in elected office who opposes abortion but yet supports it, although many commentators would have you believe that they would be. Those commentators probably do not care much about the issue of abortion.

There's a lot more to being a pro-life President than simply appointing the right judges. We want a President who will use the bully pulpit to speak out for the unborn. We want a President who will actually show up at the March For Life and speak to the crowds about his support for the work we are doing.

We want a President who will not be reluctant to make the pro-life argument in public or afraid to start the kind of discussion that will bring about real change.

We must elect a President who understands and follows core values, and is not afraid to proclaim respect for human life. When we have that President, then we will have made great progress, but it won't solve all our problems. There is much more work to do.

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