Staunch Pro-Lifer
There are many "single-issue" voters out there who have a leaning toward a particular issue and many times they vote based on that issue. Many in the pro-life movement vote this way for a simple reason; if there is no Right to Life, then all other rights fade into nothingness. After all, you can't have rights if you are not alive.

So, it is disturbing to read that someone who considers themselves a "staunch pro-lifer" would vote for, and encourage others to vote for, someone who supports abortion.

I don't know the author of this article and I don't mean to sound mean. But there is a good chance that this person is not really pro-life, especially if a main consideration they put forward for supporting this abortion-supporting Presidential candidate is that they one time visited New York City and, as they describe it, saw that "the streets were clean, the people were nice, and I never even heard a gunshot or saw a mugger. " That's not solid thinking.

What's that old saying? With friends like this, who needs enemies? Bingo.

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