Next Step in Condom Distribution
There is a huge effort to hand out free condoms to millions of people in New York under the authority of the City of New York. So far workers and volunteers have handed out more than 150,000 free condoms made and promoted by the City Health Commissioner and plan to make more available for free to anyone who wants one. They were handed out at subway stations and other areas in New York where millions pass through every day.

The goal is to hand out 26 million condoms. That's 26,000,000.

Cardinal Edward Egan, the Archbishop of New York, rightly blasts the effort saying, "the decision of the City of New York to distribute [26] million free condoms to the public - and minors as well, according to news reports - is tragic and misguided."

Here is the paragraph from the report that got me:

"While Dr. Frieden (New York City Health Commissioner) noted that condoms can prevent the spread of H.I.V. and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as unintended pregnancies, he added, ÔÇťAbstinence is fail-safe, and reducing the number of sexual partners reduces risk of infections. But for sexually active people, using a condom is key to staying healthy."
So, if abstinence is "fail-safe" then where, exactly, is the effort to promote it? Why is there a gigantic effort to push condoms on everyone and yet they cannot bear to do the same with abstinence? I wonder.

And so from this effort, and others like it, we can tell where the next step will take us. Access to free contraception has been universally available for decades, now, and yet we do not see the fruit of such efforts despite fervent efforts like the one in NYC. What will the pro-contraceptiosn people do next?

The next step is to go door-to-door in your neighborhood asking to speak to your teenage son or daughter. They will probably not want you, the parent, present while they speak to them. They will not want you there because they will be informing your underage son or daughter how to obtain abortions without your permission or knowledge, how to get more contraception without your permission or knowledge and they will also give them the best, most medically accurate "sexuality education" on the planet.

The only other option is for the pro-contraception crowd to give up and admit that we were right all along. I am waiting.



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