Defending Life Without Religion
Most of the time, when I discuss abortion with people, I do not discuss religion. You don't really need to. The pro-life position can be easily defended without referring to religion, and due to the conflicting and various religious beliefs in existence, it is sometimes better not to bring it up at all.

For example, last June when we addressed a group of Jewish youth about abortion, the leader of the group told me beforehand that if I started talking about the New Testament or things of a religious nature, the kids would probably have never heard about it. I told him not to worry, that we would not be discussing religion because it is very simple to defend the pro-life position and never mention religion at all.

There are some people who do this on a regular basis and are very good at it and then from time to time I see resources or articles written about a particular issue that fits easily into this realm.

A great example of this is a recent article by Maureen Condic in the journal First Things about what we know about embryonic stem-cell research. From a scientific point of view, she very easily goes through the various levels of non-success that embryonic stem research has garnered and does so in a way easy to understand and non-religious.

I love these kinds of things, it makes my work much easier although there is still a great need to continue to educate Catholics on these things because there are plenty of them that still don't get it.

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