CPLC in Acapulco
In early February, Fonda Lash, Maria Graham and I were sent to Acapulco to train Father Pablo Straub's Missionaries of the Holy Savior in Sidewalk Counseling, the organization of the CPLC and to help with materials for their pro-life efforts.

While the opportunities for evangelization in such a city are endless, the biggest challenge presented itself as the question, "where do we start?" With a priest in the diocese of Guerrero who wishes to start a diocesan pro-life ministry, a doctor who runs the only Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) in the city, and Fr. Pablo Straub's order working with them, pro-lifers of Acapulco already have a great foundation with which to begin.

We were able to give a sidewalk counseling training to over 80 nuns, brothers, priests and local townspeople. In addition, we found that a couple meetings with Fr. Pablo Straub, the CPC Doctor, as well as a couple nuns would prove to be a pivotal point in pro-life efforts in Acapulco.

From these meetings of brainstorming and deliberating, Fr. Pablo conjured up two concrete plans: one for evangelization and the other for pro-life education of the city. As you can see, they truly are starting from the ground up.

During these meetings, we also found out that there is only one crisis pregnancy center in all of Mexico City. ONE! Can you believe it?

Please pray for the continued pro-life efforts in Acapulco and all of Mexico, as people work hard to get the truth of abortion and life issues known in a place where education on these topics is sparse.

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