Bella the Movie
Recently, we had the opportunity to review a film entitled "Bella."

Produced by Metanoia Films and starring Eduardo Verástegui, the film has a decidedly pro-life message although it was made in such a way that you cannot really tell.

The film won the "People's Choice Award" at the Toronto film festival last year and since that time, the films producers have entered into negotiations to have the film distributed widely here in the United States late in the spring or early fall of 2007.

You can read about the movie, the cast and the reason why Metanoia Films exists at their web site: www.bellathemovie.com

They are showcasing the movie to various religious groups around the country, similar to what the makers of "The Passion of the Christ" did in order to make it widely known.

Verástegui is a good actor. In the movie, he plays Jose, a man who is somewhat down on his luck but is able, through a series of events in his life, to find redemption and the meaning of self-sacrifice. This is important, because these virtues are lacking in the modern world and need to be shown in a positive light.

Verástegui has been called the "Brad Pitt" of Mexico and through his starring roles in Mexican soap operas and other outlets had developed the reputation as a "Latin lover", an image he is now trying to discard. In a humorous moment after the movie was over, he spoke to the audience about some of his earlier movies and then advised us not to see them!

He and the other members of Metanoia Films are dedicated to making films that depict the good of mankind instead of the trash. Their passion to do so is motivated by a sincere conviction that God wants them to do this, not for themselves, but for others.

With great hope then, let us pray for the success of "Bella" and Metanoia Films. Hollywood really needs them.

Aurora Tinajero (CPLC Director of Spanish Ministry), Eduardo Verástegui, Karen Garnett (CPLC Executive Director) and Jacquelyn Smith (CPLC Director of Youth For Life)

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