The Abortion Campaign Never Written About
Time magazine has a long story about the work of a pregnancy support center in Asheville, NC that is, for the most part, a good read, although there are problems with it.

Interviewed for the article is Deborah Wood, CEO of the Asheville Pregnancy Support Services in Asheville NC. Ms. Wood is described as "the new face of an old movement: kind, calm, non-judgmental, a special-forces soldier in the abortion wars who is fighting her battles one conscience at a time." The article then goes on to describe the kind of work the Asheville PSS and others like it does.

The article is titled "The Abortion Campaign You Never Heard About" but the truth is that they need to title it "The Abortion Campaign We've Never Written About."

People who are kind, calm and non-judgmental have been in the movement since it began. Unfair stereotypes about how pro-lifers are depicted in the media have more to do with the bias of the reporter or the organ publishing their stories than actual experience with people really involved in the movement.

I'm glad at least one magazine media outlet has recognized that pro-lifers don't have horns coming out of their heads. Will others?


Blogger GrannyGrump said...
The MSM seem to be getting a clue. Is it a sign of the coming apocalypse?

Blogger Andrew Smith said...
Hi Granny,

Either that or the MSM is starting to react to the fact that they are losing subscribers and advertisers due to bias.

But, I digress. The apocalypse has some merit to it..


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are we reading the same article? I felt the Time piece was extremely biased. Are we so used to being misrepresented in the press that a story that uses anecdotal stories from pro-abortion groups as "evidence" of inproprietary at these clinincs as "getting it"? I work in marketing and the most influential place to reach the consumer is at the point of purchase...when they are at the shelf making their decision to buy. Without these clinics women deperate for guidance only receive hands on counseling by abortionists at the critical time of decision making. You would think the artical e would champion the "fair and balanced" info finally available to these women. Alas, to much to expect from journalists.

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