The Way of the Nations
Noted Patristics blogger Mike Aquilina comments that the Fathers of the Church would "recognize America's moral landscape for what it is" meaning that the atrocities practiced during their time remain essentially the same as in ours.

He especially makes note of the gruesome Roman practice of what was done with newly-born children who were unwanted. I showed his comments to a friend and said "imagine living in a society like that." Then I caught myself. We are living in a society like that.

There seems to be an unawareness about what abortion does to our culture and our people. There also seems to be an inability to give this issue of the Right to Life the priority it deserves. Some people think the war in Iraq, or rather stopping the war in Iraq, has a higher priority. I disagree.

You can support the war in Iraq and remain a Catholic in good standing. It's also important to recognize that you can oppose the war in Iraq and remain a Catholic in good standing.

This is not the case with abortion and until we quit squabbling over what we should or should not be doing in Iraq, or anywhere else, then we will find it difficult to make progress in this fight.

Our society needs to be fixed. Let's not go down like the Romans did, fighting amongst each other and killing their young. Let's build a Culture of Life.

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