There's Plan B, and then there's reality
Received today in the mail is a friendly reminder postcard from NARAL Pro-Choice America that Plan B, the recently FDA approved over-the-counter "morning-after" pill for 18 year olds and above only, is not quite as accessible as they would like for it to be.

You are directed to give your local pharmacy a call and ask them (politely, no doubt) to carry said pill because, according to the authoritative post card, "access to this safe, effective form of birth control could help women across the country prevent unintended pregnancies."

This flies in the face of a recent study done by a prestigious medical journal, The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, that said, among other things that, "increased access to emergency contraception pills enhance use but has not been shown to reduce unintended pregnancy rates." It also said that "no study has shown that increased access to this method reduces unintended pregnancy or abortion rates on a population level” and that “the consistency of their primary findings is hard to ignore."

What's not hard to ignore is the evidence that increased use of any type of contraception, whether it be emergency or non-emergency, does not lead to a drop in the numbers of abortions being done on women today. It's easy enough to see if you want to see it. But the lie continues to make itself known, and now through postcard mailing campaigns.

Who are you going to believe? A pro-abortion advocacy group or medical researchers who actually support Plan B admitting that it really is not all it's cracked up to be?

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