Texas Rally for Life
It's safe to say that people may one day brag about marching with Fr. Pavone in the various Marches for Life held around the country the way you hear people bragging about how they marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the heyday of the Civil Rights movement.

So, here goes:

Today was the Texas Rally For Life in Austin and team members of Youth For Life from the Catholic Pro-Life Committee not only were there but they held the main banner in the front of the march (pictured), held most of the American and Texas flags and also marched with Fr. Pavone.

During his rally talk, Fr. Pavone answers the question of how long will it be before Roe is overturned:
"It will not be long, because more and more voters in this country are understanding that unless we elect candidates who understand the difference between protecting life and taking it, then they undermine the very purpose of government in the first place, no it will not be long!

Because more and more citizens are coming to realize that if we don't protect the right to life, every other right that we have goes down with it!

It will not be long because more and more of our fellow citizens understand that we cannot build a world of justice as long as we continue to allow the most fundamental injustice,

We cannot welcome the poor if we can't welcome our own children,

We can't open the door to immigrants if we can't open the door to our own flesh and blood,

We cannot persuade people that capital punishment is not the answer if we're executing children,

And we cannot have peace between nations if we can't even preserve peace between a mother and her own child, it won't work!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Until all of us who are Pro-Life UNITE we cannot end abortion.There are many many people who are not Christian,and belong to various political parties who are Pro-Life.There is even an atheist Pro-Life group!
A person can change their religious or politcal affilliation.ABORTION,EUTHANASIA,and THE DEATH PENALTY ARE FINAL.These acts cannot be reversed,ever.Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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