When Do We Mention Abortion?
Last Sunday's Dallas Morning News (print edition) has two articles about two people who recently announced their candidacy for the Presidency in 2008. One was Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and the other was Senator Sam Brownback(R-KS).

Brownback is described as a "favorite of the religious right" who is "a fierce foe of abortion . . and opposes embryonic-stem cell research and gay marriage."

There is no indication in either article of how Mrs. Clinton feels or votes about the above listed issues. That is interesting because she has voted in favor of partial-birth abortion, has a 100% voting record from NARAL and has been endorsed by Emily's List, a pro-abortion PAC.

I wonder why the Dallas Morning News felt it was important to mention Senator Brownback's opposition to abortion but was strangely unable to mention Senator Clinton's stands on the very same issues? She even had an article twice as long as Senator Brownback's!

Update: Apparently, this is not a problem with the Dallas Morning News only.

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Anonymous Travis said...
It's very simple. To them, labeling Sam Brownback as a anti-gay, anti-abortion "right winger" is the deepest insult they can give him.

On the other hand Ms. Clinton is a "moderate", "centerist", and represents the same thoughts of "most of America".

Mr. Brownback is painted as "closed minded", and Ms. Clinton as "open minded" and "considerate of all options and opinions".

The media's "agenda" is pretty obvious isn't it?

Blogger Andrew Smith said...

A while back a friend challenged me to start reading the Dallas Morning News and responsing to some of the problems that are evident, especially as they relate to the pro-life issue.

I suspect that this will just be the first of many posts dealing with this same type of problem.


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