March For Life in every city
Catholic blogger Domenico Bettinelli mentions that there are two big marches taking place this weekend, one in San Francisco and one in Washington D.C. He laments the fact that there are not more of them out there for people to attend. I agree.

If you are close to those areas, please support those marches.

If you are NOT close to those areas, consider coming to Dallas this Saturday for our Rally and March For Life. Our goal is to make this Rally and March one of the biggest in the nation.

If you are not close to Dallas or in one of our border states (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas or New Mexico) then consider supporting your local events or perhaps, if there is not one available, starting one of your own.

"Imagine if thousands of pro-lifers marched in every major city in the US on that day? It would be awesome and they wouldn’t be able to ignore it, " Bettinelli says, and the truth is that this day will have to come where thousands, even millions of Christians and people of good will, will have to rise up and demand that this tragedy come to an end.

This day can't come soon enough.

Next year, the Catholic Pro-Life Committee will keep a running list of every March For Life, Rally, Prayer Service, or demonstration around the Roe anniversary on our web site www.prolifedallas.org. If you know of anything taking place, please let us know and we will post it for everybody.

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