Stories From the Street
On the street of an abortion center, Don and I met a man whose wife was already inside. They have five children from 2 years-old to 17.

Tony* told us that his wife said SHE could not handle another child. She was too tired and they do not have enough help or money. His wife wanted to come last week but he resisted. We asked this Catholic man if he thinks his family could handle an evil as significant as killing one’s own child. No one ever can and he could not either, I told him. After taking his hands to pray for strength and peace, I told him, “before you go in to get your wife, claim your right as this baby’s father and rescue your baby and your wife.” He went inside.

After a while, Tony* came back out with his wife and got into their car. As they stopped at the exit, I gave them my card and offered to meet them at the White Rose. I told him I would continue to pray for his family and God will bless him abundantly for taking care of HIS children. They were both crying as they left and he said he would call. I hope he does.


The week before meeting Tony* and his wife, on a horribly freezing day, Don & I met Daniel*, who did not speak English. Don got someone on the phone to talk with him. As I held the umbrella against the wind and sleet, we prayed with him and he went inside the clinic to get his wife and leave. Although we were frozen to the core, we could hardly notice any of it after they left. Our hearts were warmed and filled with the LOVE of CHRIST. Praise God! Just imagine if we had not been there…I had such a strange feeling that morning. Although I did not want to be there, I knew I had NO choice. The Holy Spirit does not care about cold when the lives of babies are at stake…Praise GOD!


Several weeks ago Carol and I met a wonderful young woman (barely more than a girl). If she was anywhere else, you would have thought she was a young model with a mysterious sadness about her. In fact, she was returning for her second abortion with a man who could care less about her or the baby. Like so many young women who come to these centers, she seemed like a child without parents present in her life to help her or guide her.

I showed her a baby that was the size of her own as I asked her what the baby’s name was. She started to cry as she told me that she did not have a name. We then prayed together for healing trying to emphasize the fact that she is NOT the type of person who can survive her decision to end her baby’s life. She cried extremely hard.

She went inside the abortion center as we, too, cried. My heart hurt so badly, I could hardly stand it. Every time this happens I feel like I will pass out. What is this feeling? It could be the potential death of these poor babies and the ruination of their mothers that crushes us to the core. It seems like an eternity when she came out and told us she was keeping her baby--by the GRACE OF GOD and the power of the Holy Spirit!

*names have been changed to protect the privacy of the person.

Submitted by: Michael R.
December 17, 2006



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