Reason Number 13 We Are Winning

The Clarion Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi writes about an ongoing court case involving Operation Save America and their annual summer pro-life events, the last one being held in Jackson.

Several members of Operation Save America were arrested during last summer's events while protesting the lone, remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, The National Women's Health Organization, and were in Jackson for pre-trial hearings.

In reading through this drama, one line caught my attention at the bottom of the article:

"Local abortion-rights activists stayed away from the clinic during the demonstration so as not to draw more attention."

That's an interesting line considering one of the more common statements coming from the mouths of pro-abortionists is that we live in a pro-choice America and that more people are pro-choice than they are pro-life. If that is the case, then why would they want to stay away when the only clinic in the state is being protested? Would this not be a great opportunity to let everyone know that there is only one clinic left in the state and that this is a threat to "women's rights" due to a lack of access to abortions?

But maybe not. Maybe those who are pro-abortion realize that any attention drawn to their clinic is negative and that people don't want to know about abortion clinics and what they do.

Whatever the reason, it sure is a good sign when abortion activists are afraid of the very thing they are trying to promote.

Here's also to the reporter for not questioning what surely was a sorry excuse for the absence of those who support abortion.


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