The Missionaries of the Gospel of Life
Last August, ground was broken in Amarillo, Texas for the foundation building of a new religious society called "The Missionaries of the Gospel of Life." Who are these people and what do they do?

The Missionaries (MEV's for short) were founded by Fr. Fank Pavone of Priests For Life. Fr. Pavone has been preaching and teaching on the pro-life issue in his capacity as National Director of Priests for Life for more than 15 years and has long desired to establish a community of Priests, Deacons, Brothers and lay people who would devote their energies full-time to the defense of human life, this being the calling of our time.

So far, Fr. Pavone is the only member that has professed with the Society, he is now the Moderator General, but there are 2 men in seminary and 4 men in their first year, or "Inquirer" year discerning the possibility of starting formal studies with the society. Even more are expected to start next year.

It is these men, the Inquirers, who came to Dallas last week at the request of Fr. Pavone to spend two days immersed in pro-life work. Fr. Pavone specifically asked the Catholic Pro-Life Committee to take them under our charge for two days in order to give them the full experience of diocesan pro-life ministry.

The four Inquirers, James Snow, David Mullen, David Begany and Heriberto Reyes met with the staff of the CPLC, prayed and counseled with CPLC sidewalk counselors at local abortion mills, had meetings with local leaders about pro-life work and got to experience the day to day work of diocesan pro-life work at our office.

We are grateful to be given this chance to work with and train the future leaders of our Church and the pro-life movement. This was the second time the CPLC had done this as last year, Fr. Pavone sent his first three men to us for the same kind of training.

If you know of any young man who is interested in doing full-time pro-life work as a Priest, please have them contact the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life at vocations@priestsforlife.org.

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