360 turn aways so far this year
The six abortion centers in Dallas, where an estimated 50 babies die each day, are places of unspeakable violence and sorrow. Christians are called to be present there, as Mary and the apostle John stood at Calvary. Like them, we must bravely face the suffering of the innocent.

The Convert-to-Life Ministry of the CPLC is present to women in two ways: prayer and sidewalk counseling. Prayer events include a quarterly Mass and Rosary Procession to an abortion center and Eucharistic Adoration. Each parish is asked to pray and fast for the conversion of a particular abortion center, its staff, and all who come there.

Sidewalk counselors, including those from the Summer Intern Program, are trained to lovingly offer alternatives to women coming to the centers, and referrals for post-abortion healing to those leaving. Over 30 counselors ensure an almost daily presence at the centers. Since its beginning in 1997, Convert-to-Life has helped more than a 2500 mothers choose life for their babies, and two abortion centers have closed.

So far this year, we have turned away more than 360 women from abortion mills here in Dallas.

We are continuing to make progress in the fight to end abortion, but we need more help. Please volunteer your time and efforts. You can call us at 972-267-5433 to find out more.

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