Partial Birth Abortion at the Supreme Court
Last Wednesday, the day after the national mid-term elections, the US Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the ban on Partial Birth Abortion. For a brief history, Congress twice passed the ban in the 1990’s but was twice vetoed by President Clinton. When it was re-introduced and approved in 2003, President Bush made a big deal out of signing the ban to a crowd of about 1000 people at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C.

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the bill-signing that day and can still recall the high energy flowing through the room. It was as if we were all thinking, “Finally! Someone who gets it!”

Like Fr. Pavone, we are cautiously optimistic that the Supreme Court will uphold the ban and regulate this gruesome procedure.

Transcripts for the hearings are available here.

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