"There is No Absolute Truth."

During a college philosophy class, Current Moral Issues and Principles, the professor wrote on the white board, "There is no absolute truth." As the marker left the board, a student in the back of the classroom called out, "Is that statement an absolute truth?"

I am not the only one to experience this precise scenario. The rampant debate around truth, morals and Jesus as well as the attacks on the Catholic Christian faith in today’s society makes it evident that the human race is restless for truth.

Where in today’s society and culture can anyone possibly find Truth?

God has blessed me with my new position as Communication Assistant at the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. I know that here, the Truth is readily available, ready to speak out to a listening ear. Whether the topic is life issues (abortion, euthanasia, contraception, etc.) or the truth of the universal Catholic Faith, everyone involved with the CPLC gets to be vessels of this truth for each other in addition to every single person in this world. What an enormous blessing!

I absolutely love serving with my feet planted firmly in the Catholic faith, working to spread the peace and joy of knowing the reality of all things.

The God who is Love and Truth is alive and present. This I have known, by His grace, as long as I can remember. Our Lord truly does make himself known in ways the people of the world cannot. I am thankful for my Catholic parents and family, who have been the largest influence in my faith. But growing up in the suburbs of New York City, knowing only the two-square-miles of my hometown on the Hudson River, I was very curious as to where the future nuns and priests of my Catholic Church would come from.

High School was when St. Peter’s words became mine at the feet of our Lord Jesus: “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68) I will never go back… where would I go? Our world is drenched in lies that incessantly try to distract us with selfishness and fear…satan is trying to pry us away from our God to take us down with him.

It all comes down to this: it is up to us, as pro-lifers, to spread the Truth by the way we live our lives. Speak to your neighbor about what you learned at the recent “Do No Harm” conference; boycott businesses that support pro-abortion organizations, and write them a letter telling them why you are doing so; hold the door open for the person behind you; smile at someone. We must fight the Good Fight making Truth known to each and every human life that God loves so much.

What else is worth doing?

Submitted by Victoria Labecki
Communication Assistant
September 20, 2006


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