All Smiles

A young girl came with her mom and dad today to Fairmount for an abortion. The mom and daughter walked up first and took literature and appeared to be somewhat amenable to our appeal to choose life for the girl's baby. However, they continued into the abortion center. Moments later the dad approached and took literature and seemed very interested in what I was saying. He squatted down just inches from me and looked intently at me as I tried to persuade him to go in and get his daughter and wife out of there. It was awesome to see God working on him! He said he was going to go in and try. About five minutes later all three came out and they were "all smiles." They said they had decided to have the baby. They said they didn't need any help from the White Rose and were going home to make an appointment with their doctor. I gave them my cell phone number in case they wanted to call me for anything and told them I'd be praying for them. Praise God for their openness to the Holy Spirit today!!

submitted by Jackie
Catholic Pro-Life Committee Sidewalk Counselor
July 17, 2006


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