It Looked Just Like This
Jane (Catholic Pro-Life Committee Sidewalk Counselor) spoke at length with a mother & daughter as they were parking their car at Routh St. The daughter was about 25. The mother claimed they were devout Catholics but that they had to have the abortion, as much as they did not want to do it, because her daughter's life was at stake. She had infections that the doctors had been unable to get rid of for 1.5 years, and she had immunity issues. The doctors told them the pregnancy would be life-threatening. The daughter has other children and is in a wheelchair due to an auto accident. We had little hope, but we prayed the ten Memorare's.

After I left, around 11:30, they came out and told Jane, who was waiting for Mass, that "I'm not going to do it". Jane took them to the White Rose. When Jane came out of Mass, she met them as they were leaving. The daughter was overheard saying to her mother, "see, it looked just like this" pointing to our literature. She was referring to the sonogram image that she had insisted on seeing at Routh Street (they weren't going to show it to her). They were very happy and asked for Jane's phone number and said she would be called upon to baby-sit.

submitted by Roberta
January 15, 2006



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